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    What's the inner space of the 4R series Raymond flour mill?

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-03-18 14:57

    What about the inner space of the Raymond Mill in the 4R series? The size of the internal space directly related to Raymond mill production, 4R series Raymond mill general internal space size must be based on different types of specifications to determine. 3216 types of grinding ring diameter is 1037, roller diameter is 320 or 2 roller diameter is 640, plus the middle cylinder blade is about 240, the rest of the space is the main feeding space, the overall count down is very good. Under normal circumstances, about 200 items of fineness, an hour of production in about 4-5 tons, of course, the size of raw materials is also a very important, it is best not to exceed 2 cm, so that you can greatly increase production.


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