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    What about Raymond mill gear wear?

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    In the process of Raymond mill, gear wear is very serious. Gear wear affects the performance of Raymond mill. In Redmond mill, it is important to reduce gear wear, which is important for daily production.
    Raymond mill is suitable for grinding all kinds of ores and other materials. It is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries. In the process of use, Raymond mill gear wear is very serious, but this wear is inevitable, how to reduce it? Let's take a look at the dawning heavy industry Raymond mill.
    1. Raymond mill's turn requirement
    Raymond mill pinion arrangement Angle bits often about 20%, the equivalent of gear pressure Angle, the pinion of positive pressure P1, the direction of the vertical load transmission shaft with vertical downward pressure, the connecting bolt and anchor bolt of Raymond mill bearing work good, smooth operation. Because P1 is vertical upward, it reduces the force of the main bearing of the mill drive, so as to reduce the wear of the main bearing bush.
    2. Improvement of gear lubrication mode
    (1) automatic injection lubrication device is adopted. Raymond mill is exposed drive more, tooth to cover the sealing is poor, often within the grease has mixed pulp, powder particles, can form of abrasive wear, the gear lubrication conditions worse, exacerbating the gear wear, shorten operating life of the gear, and severe waste of grease. Raymond mill gear is equipped with automatic oil spray lubrication, and the grease is sprayed into the gear into the meshing. This improvement requires that the automatic nozzle head be moved to the front of the gear, fixed on the tooth cover and connected to the tubing. In order to prevent the influence of the vibration of the tooth cover on the pipeline, the nozzle and the oil - line system are better to choose a hose. The grease is injected into the gear before the gear enters the meshing, and it is brought into the tooth between the teeth to form the lubricating oil film, which improves the lubrication condition of the gear and prevents the grease from splashing. This effectively prolongs the service life of the gear and saves the grease. However, the long - run grease can not be recovered, and it is accumulated in the tooth cover, which needs to be cleaned regularly. This method is used in heavy load Raymond mill, such as large pulp mill, cement grinding, etc.
    (2) lubricating oil instead of grease must be sprayed continuously in the gear into the meshing before entering into the lubricating oil film. Lubricants flow inside the cover, human oil station, after filtration and recycling. Lubricating oil instead of grease, the sealing performance of the tooth cover is higher. This method is used in a small number of minor Raymond mills, such as pulverized coal.

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