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    How to regulate Raymond mill?

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2018-01-15 13:54

    Start the electromagnetic vibration feeder at the start of the machine. Raymond mill began to work.
    Raymond mill start operation order: start: elevator, crusher, analysis machine, fan, mainframe, feed machine.
    When Raymond mill stops, wipe the order: stop the main engine after about one minute, stop the blower and analyze the machine.
    Note: after lifting the machine material to the warehouse, stop the crusher and then stop the lifting. This should be changed by the current change in the storage quantity.
    It is found that Raymond mill produces abnormal sound and vibration. It should stop Raymond mill's work immediately, check and troubleshoot.
    When the machine is turned on, the material of Raymond mill is hollowed out to prevent the starting power from being too high.

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