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    How to choose calcium carbonate Raymond mill?

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    Ash calcium powder main composition is the Ca (OH) 2, a mixture of CaO and a small amount of CaCO3, is lime processed product, is made up of CaCO3 as the main component of natural high-quality limestone, becoming quick lime after high temperature calcination, then through selection, partial digestion, and then through high-speed winnowing hammer mill crushing, grinding, and its apparent white and delicate.
    With the enhancement of environmental awareness in the construction industry, grey calcium powder is not only an additive in building coating, but also a reinforcing agent and binder. It has a certain competitive advantage because of its high quality and low price. It is impossible to replace any other architectural coatings at present. Therefore, in recent years, the area of high quality lime resources in China has been developing the grey calcium processing industry.
    So, how do you choose calcium carbonate Raymond mill?
    1. Ash calcium powder processing. 80-600 purpose, Raymond mill, high calcium carbonate fineness processing general between 50-600 mesh, mesh improves the throughput, are more likely to crush materials, effectively guarantee the quality of the powder, save electricity, high benefit for the customer creation, is a new one of the representatives of flour mill grinding equipment.
    2. To process the calcium powder of 600 mesh or above, select ultrafine calcium carbonate Raymond mill, fully capable of producing fine powder, which is the extension of grinding mill, and the output is higher than other equipment. However, if the client has small investment and low requirement for fineness, the high pressure calcium carbonate Raymond mill is better, and the price is lower than other equipment.

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