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    Limestone vertical mill

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    Stone powder vertical mill has the advantages of high efficiency, low unit power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, and is 40% to 50% more energy efficient than ball mill. In addition, the vertical grinding system is operated under negative pressure, the working environment is clean, and there is no environmental pollution of the wet ball mill waste water and waste residue. At present, the vertical mill gradually shows the trend of leading equipment in the desulfurization and milling process.
    The limestone vertical mill designed and produced by Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Machinery adopts the stable material layer comprehensive technology to design the adjustable height retaining ring to control the time the material stays on the grinding disc; the adjustable spout ring is used to adjust the wind speed to achieve the right The air velocity of the nozzle ring is controlled; the amount of powder returned by the powder separator is controlled to reduce the fine powder on the material bed; the water spray device is equipped, and if necessary, the water spray is sprayed in the mill; the grinding roller limit device with the vibration reducing function is adopted to avoid the grinding roller and the grinding disc Direct contact due to unstable layer.
    The roller sleeve and the lining plate of the limestone vertical mill are not in direct contact, and the limited position device has very little iron content in the product, and the mechanical wear iron contained therein is easy to remove. It is used for grinding white or transparent materials. Limestone powder has high whiteness and purity. In the production of limestone powder, different types of limestone vertical grinding can meet the customer's demand for different materials, and its output is more and the efficiency is higher.
    The limestone vertical mill produced by Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Machinery has low vibration and low noise: it is equipped with a limit device to prevent direct contact between the roller sleeve and the disc liner, avoiding destructive impact and severe vibration. The stone powder vertical mill is well sealed and has no pollution: the whole device is sealed, the system works under negative pressure, no dust overflows, and the environment is clean.

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