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    What is the working principle of cement vertical roller mill

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    The cement vertical roller mill machine is mainly used for the grinding of raw materials such as cement. The working principle is as follows: the raw material is dropped into the center of the grinding disc through the two-way air lock valve and the blanking tube, and the grinding disc rotating horizontally and vertically spreads the raw materials evenly by the action of centrifugal force level. It is formed into a bed of a certain thickness. During this process, the material is simultaneously crushed by a plurality of grinding rolls on the grinding disc and is broken by the pressure roller.
    Under the continuous driving of the centrifugal force, the material continuously moves to the outer edge of the grinding disc, and the material leaving the grinding disc encounters the hot gas entering the grinding sand through the air ring and then rises and enters into the separator through the middle casing of the cement vertical roller mill (selector In the process, the material exchanges heat with the hot gas, and the water is quickly evaporated.
    In the grinding system, due to the suction of the negative pressure of the downstream fan of the cement vertical roller mill, the hot air enters from the inlet of the air duct on both sides of the vertical roller mill and is introduced into the mill through the air guiding ring; The direction is inclined, so the high-speed high-temperature airflow blows the smashed large block overflowing from the retaining ring back to the grinding disc to lift the smaller particles. During the lifting process, materials of different sizes are continuously dropped onto the grinding disc, and only those particles that are sufficiently carried by the wind can reach the upper separator for powder selection.
    The material passing through the combined separator is subjected to two screening processes for unqualified coarse particles. First, at the periphery is the fixed blade, because the fixed blade is at an angle to its circle, and a part of the coarse particles fall back to the grinding disk due to the loss of kinetic energy of the impacting blade. When the gas enters the separator rotor, it is impacted by the moving blades, so that the coarse particles are further removed, and only the particles meeting the strength requirements can pass. The selected gas and material mixture is discharged from the separator outlet, and the middle and downstream dust collecting equipment of the system collect.

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