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    How to use cement vertical roller mill

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    The cement vertical roller mill equipment generally adopts a vertical mill. The material milled through the cement mill equipment enters the fine grinding chamber through the partition plate, and then the finely ground grinding, the milled material passes through the tail of the cement grinding mill. The discharge is carried out, and the material discharged through the cement vertical roller mill passes through the air conveying, the lock damper, the bucket lift (bucket elevator) and the air conveying device, and then enters the classifier.
    What should you pay attention to before starting the cement vertical mill?
    When the cement grinding mill is restarted, it is necessary to check the condition of the equipment. It is not only important to set up the production, but also to pay enough attention to the daily work.
    In the production process, the lubrication status of the cement grinding mill should be checked in time:
     Timely maintenance and replacement of lubricating oil is an important task of cement grinding equipment, because it plays a vital role in the life and working performance of the equipment. The lubricating oil in the chain parking lubrication area of ??the upper equipment cannot be added. Can not be slightly, according to the specified requirements area to add, if the oil is too small, the equipment will be destroyed due to less oil, if the amount of oil is too much, it will cause overheating of the equipment. Also the equipment belongs to high-speed operation, the quality of lubricating oil Be sure to check, label can not be wrong, but also to ensure that there is no impurities in the water.
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