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    Reduce noise with high-yield vertical roller mill

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    The following is about some opinions for reducing the noise of the high-yield vertical roller mill, and the causes of the noise. It also solves some vibration methods, such as the vibration of the feeding structure and the body.
    Why does vertical roller mill vibrate in production? The main reason is that the wheel of vertical roller mill is unbalanced and the machining error is caused when it is manufactured, so the noise is also produced. In fact, the appearance of noise is closely related to many aspects, such as the material, manufacturing and equipment of parts, the structural design of itself, the accuracy of step positioning of roller bearing, etc.
    In order to reduce the noise, good lubrication must be ensured in the process of use. Only in this way can it play a damping role. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the rotary accuracy of the grinding roller and the design of the bearing steps of the grinding roller, so that the noise can be reduced by the above two points. The accuracy of the equipment must be accurate, and the equipment of each component must be installed according to the requirements of tolerance.
    In the face of these problems, how can we solve them? Only by understanding the causes and sources of noise generated by vertical roller mill and grinding equipment, can we solve and improve them accordingly. In the actual production, the noise caused by large vertical roller mill and other roller mills is a problem that Raymond machine manufacturers have not solved. There are many factors that produce noise, among which vibration is one of the important reasons. The above is how to reduce noise in the production of vertical roller mill.
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