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    Selection and use of vertical roller mill lubrication system

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    The selection and use of the vertical roller mill lubrication system, the lubrication system and device are of great significance for maintaining good lubrication conditions and working performance of the equipment, and for obtaining a longer service life.
    Due to the development of science and technology, high-speed, high-precision, high-automation and large-scale use of high-power equipment, the reliability of the equipment's lubrication system has also raised higher requirements accordingly. The selection and design of the vertical roller mill's lubrication system includes the monitoring of parameters such as the transportation, control (distribution, adjustment) of pressure, flow, and temperature of the lubricant; at the same time, the following three aspects should be considered: Performance, lubrication method and oil supply conditions.
    The lubrication system of zhengzhou shuguang vertical roller mill equipment should meet the following requirements:
    Continuous and uniform, adjustable, high reliability;
    Ensure that the lubricant has the required pressure and the seal is reliable;
    Simple structure, easy to use and maintain;
    There is a condition monitoring system in order to find lubrication failure in time.
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