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    How to thoroughly clean the working cavity of vertical roller mill

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    Vertical roller mill is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving grinding equipment for processing stone grinding powder. The machine adopts the principle of hanging roller rolling and air separation, that is, the grinding roller tightly rolls the grinding ring to crush the materials under the centrifugal force, and then selects the qualified finished products through the air separation function of the fan and the analyzer. This article mainly introduces how to thoroughly clean the working chamber of vertical roller mill.
    After processing one material, if vertical roller mill wants to process other materials, how should it be cleaned? Can it be cleaned? It's very simple. In the process of mill grinding, it's a sealed environment. It adopts the design of circulating air. If you want to clean it, the main engine and analyzer are closed. When the fan blows for a while, it will be clean inside. But some materials are not cleaned too clean. If you need to clean them more clean, there are two ways. First, after the fan blows, you can directly use the water pipe, clean it with clear water, and then dry it. Second, after the fan blows, you can use the materials that need to be processed. Start the machine to process about 50kg, which is the second kind of materials. Then turn on the fan to blow, but the 50kg materials just processed are basically discarded.
    In fact, vertical roller mill looks simple. In the actual production process, there are many situations. Why? The main reason is that vertical roller mill adopts the circulating air design, which has advantages and disadvantages. What's bad is that we need to understand the principle and be good at the operation and maintenance of the equipment. The good thing is that with the circulating air design, the equipment processing is cleaner, and we can use this advantage to send the finished materials to the silos tens of meters high. This is the application of the circulating air design of vertical roller mill, which has greater benefits. The vertical roller mill designed in this way is basically pollution-free, convenient to store and use materials, and the output of vertical roller mill has no impact.
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