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    Advantages of vertical roller mill in coal grinding

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    As we all know, vertical roller mill is a set of grinding, powder selection, drying, conveying and other functions in one of the heavy machinery and equipment, has been widely used in cement, metallurgy, construction, coal and other industries, mainly used for processing slag, water slag, limestone, kaolin, coal and other non-metallic minerals, the grinding product quality is high, the equipment operation is stable.
    So, what are the advantages of grinding coal with vertical roller mill?
    1. It is suitable for large-scale production. The production capacity of vertical roller mill is large, and the hourly output can reach up to 100 tons, which can meet the large-scale production of enterprises.
    2. The process is green and clean. Vertical roller mill process pollution less, less impact on whiteness, low iron content, effectively improve product quality.
    3. The granularity control is accurate. Vertical roller mill is convenient to control fineness, accurate particle size cutting and centralized distribution, which can meet the particle size requirements of different products.
    4. The finished product is of good quality. The vertical roller mill has the function of automatic slag discharge and sand discharge, which can discharge semi burnt products and other particles in lime, improve the content of calcium oxide and optimize the quality of finished powder.
    5. Low noise and less dust. The vertical roller mill adopts the principle of material bed crushing. The roller and disc do not contact directly, so it runs stably and has low noise. In addition, the vertical roller mill is a vacuum cleaner production, which can effectively avoid the dust in the grinding process.
    6. Intelligent control. The vertical roller mill adopts PLC intelligent control system, which can realize unmanned operation, and can master equipment operation data through mobile phone terminal.
    7. Low maintenance cost. There is less direct contact between abrasives, low damage rate, high service life and low maintenance cost.
    Investment income of coal vertical roller mill
    In the current market coal powder processing industry, the vertical coal mill has the characteristics of high production efficiency, wide application range and low investment cost. Compared with the traditional mill equipment, the floor area is about 60-70% of the pipe mill system, and the construction area is about 50-60% of the pipe mill system. It can help customers save project investment costs and create considerable profits!
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