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    What's the vertical roller mill

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    Vertical roller mill is a grinding equipment integrating fine crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and transportation. It is widely used for grinding and superfine grinding of various solid materials in cement, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic minerals and other industries.
    Working Principle
    The motor drives the grinding plate to rotate through the vertical reducer, and the solid raw materials enter the center of the grinding plate from the feeding port through the air locking feeding device, and are thrown to the periphery of the grinding plate under the action of the centrifugal force field, and are crushed by the repeated rolling of the grinding roller. The crushed material overflows from the edge of the grinding plate, and the powdery material is carried by the high-speed air flow rising from the lower part of the machine. When the rising air flow and powdery material pass through the separator on the upper part of the mill, the coarse powder is separated and dropped into the center of the grinding plate for regrinding under the action of the fast rotating rotor. The fine powder is grinded from the upper part of the mill with the airflow and collected in the dust collecting device. The particles which are not taken away by the air flow will overflow the grinding plate and return to the feed port of the mill through the external circulation bucket elevator, and enter the mill for regrinding together with the newly fed raw materials. For the material with high moisture content, hot air is introduced into the mill, and the wet material is fully contacted with the hot air flow in the process of grinding, powder selection and flow, and is dried to meet the product moisture requirements.
    Performance Characteristics
    1. The system is simple, easy to operate and adjust, and high degree of automation. It is suitable for large-scale and super large-scale industrial production, as well as small and medium-sized production.
    2. The grinding efficiency is high and energy saving is large. Compared with the ball mill system, it can save 30 ~ 50% electricity; compared with the traditional vertical roller mill, the external circulation proportion is large, and the power consumption of the system can be reduced by about 20%.
    3. It is more suitable for the production of superfine powder because of its high fineness ratio, high manufacturing precision and high separation efficiency.
    4. Low wear and low steel consumption. The disc is not in direct contact with the grinding roller, and the disc lining and roll surface are made of high wear-resistant materials with long service life.
    5. Reliable operation and convenient maintenance. When the grinding roller is overhauled, the machine can be pulled out of the machine. For a large-scale machine with four grinding rollers, when one or two grinding rollers in symmetrical position are repaired, the other two symmetrical grinding rolls can be used to run, which can reach 60 ~ 70% of the normal production capacity, without affecting or slightly affecting the whole production line.
    6. High cost performance and low investment. The system configuration is simple, and can be arranged in the open air, without workshop, so as to save the cost of civil engineering.
    7. Small vibration, low noise, no dust during negative pressure operation.
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