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    How to adjust discharge fineness of vertical roller mill

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    In the ore powder processing and manufacturing industry, vertical roller mill is a common equipment and the mainstay. How to adjust the mesh size of vertical roller mill is a problem of special concern. So, how to adjust the mesh size of vertical roller mill to produce different mesh mineral powder?
    Let's briefly explain the structural characteristics of vertical roller mill. The traditional vertical roller mill, that is to say, the R-type machine, is a relatively early Raymond grinding equipment. It is widely used in the market. R series Raymond grinding machine is mainly composed of base, central shaft frame, grinding ring, plum blossom frame assembly, grinding roller assembly, central shaft, blade rack, blade seat, etc. among them, the grinding ring and grinding roller are made of unique wear-resistant materials, with long service life. The power device, grading system, feeding system and collection system can be flexibly selected and configured according to the needs of users. R series products are reliable in operation, stable in powder production, wear-resistant and durable, less dust and environmental protection. It is an ideal equipment for processing non-metallic mineral powder with hardness below 7% and humidity below 6%.
    So, how does vertical roller mill adjust mesh size?
    It is mainly realized by adjusting the rotation frequency of the classifier or analyzer above the main engine.
    In detail, the high-speed rotation of the classifier will produce a certain centrifugal force, and the blower above the classifier will produce centripetal force. When the centripetal force is greater than the centrifugal force, the fine powder can pass through the classifier blades smoothly and be collected as finished products. When the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, it can not pass through. It will fall back to the host machine to continue grinding under the block of the classifier blade. The higher the rotating frequency of the classifier, the faster the speed is, the greater the centrifugal force generated, and the coarser the powder, the greater the centrifugal force. Therefore, the mesh screening can be realized by adjusting the speed of the classifier. The principle of how to adjust the mesh number of vertical roller mill is like this.
    R series products have formed a number of models to choose from, including 3r3220, 4r3216, 4r3218, 4r3220, 5r4211, 5r4125, 6r5127 and other products. It can be used for processing more than 280 kinds of non flammable and explosive materials, such as limestone, calcite, dolomite, gypsum, graphite, bauxite, kaolin, feldspar, bentonite, etc. Like the 4R Raymond grinding mesh number of general miner can be adjusted flexibly, other R series products can also be flexibly adjusted mesh number according to the demand, which is widely used.
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