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    How to control the vibration of vertical roller mill

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    There must be small vibration when the vertical roller mill is working, but if the vibration is too large, it will inevitably lead to the damage of some accessories in the vertical roller mill. Therefore, the vibration of the vertical roller mill must be strictly controlled in the production process.
    1. Feeding operation
    When the moisture content of the material is very high, the outlet temperature should be properly raised to raise the pressure difference in the mill to the ideal value. In case of insufficient feeding and less return, feeding should be increased to ensure normal pressure difference in the mill to avoid vibration. If the material layer is too thick, the feed rate should be reduced in time and the outlet should be unobstructed; on the contrary, the feed rate should be increased.
    2. Grinding pressure control
    If the grinding pressure feedback value of vertical roller mill is less than the set value, it is proved that the accumulator pressure is too low, and nitrogen must be replenished in time.
    3. Temperature control
    If the temperature is too high, the mill power can be adjusted properly or the cold air valve can be opened directly.
    4. Differential pressure control
    When the feed rate is large and the grinding capacity is insufficient, the pressure difference in the mill will rise. At this time, the feed amount should be appropriately reduced according to the mill power. If the product is too fine, the internal circulation load will be increased, and the differential pressure will rise, resulting in vibration. Therefore, the speed of the separator should be appropriately reduced.
    In the actual production process, we should combine with the specific situation to operate the vertical roller mill properly. In addition to summing up the above reasons, we must strengthen the equipment maintenance and safety inspection in the production, so as to ensure a stable and safe operation environment for the vertical roller mill.
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