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    Reasons for the sudden shutdown of vertical roller mill

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    Vertical roller mill is a new design, which is based on the concept of environmental protection, safety and high efficiency. It is mainly used in building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining and other industrial sectors. Since its structure and characteristics are more prominent, it has been highly loved by industry users since it was put into operation. However, in the operation of vertical roller mill will also appear sudden shutdown phenomenon, which will cause great damage to the equipment, affect the normal operation of the equipment, so as to reduce its production. So, what to do when vertical roller mill stops suddenly? Let's take a look at the causes and solutions of vertical roller mill's sudden shutdown.
    When the eccentric shaft of vertical roller mill is loose, the eccentric shaft will be stuck, and finally the vertical roller mill will be shut down. Moreover, in the grinding operation, any part of vertical roller mill is loose, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, we should do a good job in the inspection of each component to ensure the firmness of its installation. The operation of vertical roller mill is mainly driven by the motor. If the working voltage of the mill is unstable or the voltage and current is too low, the normal operation of the equipment can not be driven, resulting in the shutdown phenomenon. In this case, we should regularly check the stability of the voltage in the stone milling operation to ensure the smooth progress of the grinding production line.
    When vertical roller mill grinds and pulverizes materials, improper tightness of V-belt will not provide enough power for the equipment in case of too loose. However, if the belt is too tight, it will easily lead to belt fracture and affect the normal operation of vertical roller mill. Therefore, we should pay attention to check the belt tightness before starting the vertical roller mill and during the grinding process.
    In addition, if we feed the vertical roller mill too much, feed too fast or the particle size and humidity of the material being grinded are too large, it is easy to cause that the material can not be fully grinded and pulverized, and a large amount of material will accumulate in the grinding chamber, causing great damage to the equipment and even sudden shutdown. In order to prevent the vertical roller mill from stopping suddenly and improve the working efficiency of the equipment, we need to strictly follow the regulations in the process of reuse.
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