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    Dry powder mixer machine operating precautions

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    let's take a look at what we should pay attention to during the operation of dry powder mixers:
    (1) First, check the firmness of the machine, see if the parts are tightly connected, and then let the dry powder mixer run for a few minutes. No abnormality can be used for the next step.
    (2) In the absence of an abnormality, no abnormal noise and other defects are found, and the preparation for feeding can be started.
    (3) During the use, the machine should be careful not to let the load be too large, so proper feeding is very important, and the user can release according to the amount of material on the machine.
    (4) If the machine has abnormal vibration or noise, it is necessary to stop and check immediately to see if there is a fault. If the fault is too large, you can't solve it yourself. You can contact the manufacturer to solve it.
    (5) Remember to keep the dry powder mixer clean after the operation. In this way, when used again, it can avoid the occurrence of blackening, deterioration, and blockage of materials.
    (6) Managers must be familiar with the technical performance, internal structure and control structure of dry powder mixers. This can effectively prevent malfunctions and ensure safe production.

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