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    What's the workflow of dry powder mixer machine

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    Dry powder mixer is an important part of the grinding equipment production line. It is suitable for mixing chemicals, food, medicine, feed, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries powder or granule-like material. Well,today we will talk about its workflow.
    Totally,the structure of dry powder mixer machine is reasonable, simple, closed operation, convenient access to materials, (manual or vacuum feeding) cylinder made of stainless steel for easy cleaning, it is one of the infrastructure business.
    When the machine is mixed, the material in the machine is subjected to the action of two rotors in the opposite direction to carry out the compound movement. The blade pushes the material to rotate counterclockwise along the inner wall of the machine slot. On the one hand, the material is pushed to the left and right. The two rotors overlap the cross-shaped weightless area. In this area, regardless of the shape, size, and density of the material, the material can be floated in an instantaneous weight loss condition, which causes the material to form an all-round continuous cycle in the base groove. Interlaced and cut to achieve a smooth and gentle mixing effect.

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