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    What are the major components of the dry powder mixer

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    There are many kinds of dry powder mixers, but their components are almost the same. As a manufacturer,Shuguang will give you a few simple parts:
    The components of the dry powder mixer equipment are basically the same as the components of the putty powder equipment. The following is a brief introduction of the Shuguang dry powder mixer.
    1. the mixer. Generally, the  dry powder mixer is used for uniform mixing, no dead angle, high efficiency, wear resistance and fast discharge speed.
    2. packaging machine. The production of real stone paint is generally selected by volume packaging machine, and the production of dry powder mixer is generally selected by valve mouth quantitative packaging machine.
    3. Dust collector. It is used to recycle dust in the production of dry mortar, which is good for environmental protection. Generally, a bag filter is used.
    4. Conveying and lifting structure, the bucket elevator is used for material feeding and screw conveyor for material transportation in the production silo.
    5. Batching device. Dry powder mixer can automatically measure different raw materials according to the formula, reduce labor intensity and environmental pollution, and ensure the product quality of dry mortar.
    6.Raw material storage equipment. Dry powder mortar equipment is used to store bulk raw materials, generally using tank design, using tanker loading.

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