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    Summary of 15 main reasons for vertical roller mill vibration

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    Regarding the vibration of vertical roller mills, only by comprehensively understanding its causes can we study and solve the problem step by step. 
    Reason 1: The anchor bolts are loose. This phenomenon is relatively common. The reason is that when using a vertical roller mill, vibrations can cause the bolts to loosen, which exacerbates the vibration. The solution is to check and tighten the bolts in time
    Reason 2: The foundation is not strong. This phenomenon mainly refers to the fact that the foundation is not solid when the vertical roller mill is installed. Therefore, vibrations and noises occur during the production process. The solution is to strengthen it. basis;
    Reason 3: Installation problems. When vertical roller Mill is installed, the centerline of the main drive unit is not straight and vibration occurs during rotation. The solution to this problem is to adjust the centerline in a timely manner.
    Reason 4: The feed size is too fine or too large, and the phenomenon of too fine will cause the direct contact between the grinding roller and the grinding ring in the production of vertical roller mill, causing noise and vibration. At this time, the amount of material returned by the mill should be appropriately reduced. If the feed is too large, the return amount should be increased to fill the gap between the large particles and achieve the crushing of the material layer;
    Reason 5: The feed is uneven or there is little feed. This phenomenon will cause hollow grinding in the production of vertical roller mills. At this time, the equipment's roller ring will also come into direct contact, which will cause noise and vibration. The feeding amount can be controlled by adjusting the vibration feeder to avoid no-load operation as much as possible.
    Reason 6: The raw material pressure is insufficient and the feeding is discontinuous. This phenomenon is not only an important reason for the vibration of the vertical roller mill. The solution is to add a flow stabilization device to the equipment to ensure the continuity of the feed.
    Reason 7: The material is too hard. For vertical roller Mill, this phenomenon will exceed the range of seven processing capabilities, which will lead to reduced output, equipment vibration, and excessive particle size in the final product, so controlling hardness is very important.
    Reason 8: The material in the volute is blocked. If vertical roller Mill produces a large amount of input moisture, it can easily stick together at the damper, causing poor air intake and vibration. The solution is to clean up the interior frequently. blockade
    Reason 9: The deformation of the grinding roller is caused by the wear of the grinding roller during the long-term operation of the vertical roller mill. The change of the shape of the grinding roller makes the grinding roller no longer smooth, so the collision of the grinding ring during the rolling process will cause severe vibration. The solution is to replace the grinding roller in time;
    Reason 10: The analyzer's blades are unbalanced, which is one of the causes of the vibration phenomenon of the vertical roller mill. The solution at this time is to adjust the blades to balance them.
    Reason 11. Loose internal parts. For vertical roller Mill, the internal plum frame and grinding rollers are bolted. When the machine is running, a strong air flow is generated inside. If the two parts are loose, if they are really loose, it will be accompanied by the phenomenon of unstable airflow, which will cause vibration and noise of the equipment;
    Reason 12: metal objects are mixed in the grinding room of the host. When Raymond is grinding, the main shaft of the main unit rotates quickly, and the metal object is very hard. After being scraped by the blade, it will collide anywhere in the host's grinding chamber and cause the host to vibrate. The solution is to clean metal parts. Of course, metal parts may be mixed into the feed, or internal parts of the equipment may fall.
    Reason 13. The main shaft and the reducer have different couplings. The power of vertical roller mill main unit and reducer is transmitted through the coupling. The reducer generates vibration and sound, so the coaxiality of the coupling must be calibrated before starting.
    Reason 14: There is no gap between the host and the reducer coupling. With vertical roller Mill installed, there is no gap between the main unit and the reducer coupling. Lifting up the thrust bearing will also cause vertical roller Mill to vibrate. The solution is to reset the center axis and readjust the coupling clearance.

    Reason 15: Quality problems. If the quality of the vertical roller Mill bearing is poor and the gap is large, it will cause the plum frame to swing and cause vibration of the equipment. The solution is to choose a good quality bearing;
    The above mainly introduces the fifteen aspects of the causes of Raymond's vibration phenomenon and the solutions to different causes. The analysis of these aspects is more detailed. In actual production, according to these factors, Raymond's The vibration phenomenon of the mill is checked to ensure its smooth rated working process.
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