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    The scope of use of Limestone Raymond mill

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    Limestone Raymond Mill is mainly used for crushing limestone, barite, slag and ceramics with hardness equal to or less than 9.3 grade material ore processing. Limestone Raymond Mill is a kind of mill equipment, only for different areas. The main processing technology of Limestone Raymond Mill is the use of mill crushed materials, lime can be directly obtained from heavy calcium carbonate, according to the size of materials, thickness, respectively, used in various industrial sectors.
    Limestone Raymond Mill has become a symbolic equipment in the grinding industry through continuous accumulation and improvement. The current Limestone Raymond Mill through continuous improvement and development, new classification technology to improve the grinding equipment to solve the classification difficulties, making the processing of materials more sophisticated, the finest can reach 3.55 Micron, with adjustable function, can adjust milling fineness according to users' needs. Limestone Raymond Mill is unique in that it is widely used in grinding equipment. First of all: Limestone Raymond Mill's feed size is larger and faster, with high pressure can easily grind 6.5um of ultra-fine powder, and energy consumption is extremely low, up to one third of the conventional mill equipment, its performance makes compared with ordinary mill, Limestone Raymond Mill has a wider range of applications, a wider range.

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