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    Which factors will affect the service life of Raymond roller mill roller

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    Raymond roller mill is a kind of mechanical equipment mainly used for grinding powder, which is widely seen in various mining industries and has become one of the most popular equipment. As Raymond roller mill in the daily work of one of the most important parts of roller in Raymond roller mill has played a vital role in running, so if there is problem, roller so Raymond roller mill can't normal work, so the service life of roller is particularly important, so what are the reasons lead to the service life of roller are too short? Next by the professional manufacturers to show you detailed analysis.
    First is the material of roller, and we all know only the hard parts of the wear resistant material, but it is not the absolute, the higher the hardness, the amount of carbide in casting, the more it will increase the probability of fracture, so good roller of raw materials is a kind of high chromium cast iron, not only has higher wear resistance, but also has the human nature, strength, also have good resistance to high temperature and corrosion resistance, so be very careful in choosing a roller.
    Followed by operation method, at the time of operating some improper method can accelerate the wear of grinding roller, so operation method for the service life of roller is a direct relationship, and the normal maintenance and maintenance is also the key factors influencing the life, as long as the maintenance and maintenance, can effectively improve the service life.

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