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    Did you get the Raymond mill right?

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    Raymond mill plays an important role in ore crushing processing and is an indispensable part of industrial production. For the selection of ramon mill, first of all, let's look at some of the problems that are likely to occur with ramon mill if not chosen properly. 1. Barrel deformation; 2. Poor lubrication; 3. Loose. In order to avoid these problems, how should we choose the ramon mill in the first place?
    Selection method:
    1. Type of equipment. At present, with the development of pulverizing technology, there are various types of Raymond mill. For different types of Raymond mill, the range of materials is also different. Therefore, when choosing Raymond mill, we should choose the appropriate type of Raymond mill according to the basic characteristics of the ground materials.
    2. Material fineness of ramon machine. The quality of the finished powder depends on the quality of the discharged powder. Different users have different requirements for the finished powder fineness due to different USES of the materials in the process of grinding and processing, and Raymond mill of different specifications also has different discharge fineness. Therefore, when buying Raymond mill, we should have a clear understanding of the discharge fineness of the equipment.
    3. Processing capacity of Raymond mill. Capacity refers to the total amount of materials that can be processed and ground every hour or every day by Raymond mill. Generally, the larger the capacity is, the larger the capacity is. Generally, the larger the processing capacity of Raymond mill, the better the total production efficiency of users. Therefore, when the user purchases, must ensure that the equipment capacity can meet the expected production output requirements.
    4. Quality of Raymond mill. No matter what kind of mechanical equipment we choose, quality always comes first. Here, shuguang advised customers to choose manufacturers with good brand reputation and strong comprehensive strength, so that the equipment purchased can be of higher quality and more advanced production technology. Moreover, it can provide customers with more perfect after-sales service in the future grinding production.
    Knowing the above points, I hope everyone can choose Raymond mill with high quality and reasonable price.

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