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    The reason and solution of marble Raymond mill powder size coarsening

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    Speaking of marble Raymond mill a lot of people are familiar with, marble Raymond mill in recent years with the continuous development of society, has become a common equipment in flour industry, flour industry as the leading, marble Raymond mill with good attitude to return to customers, but in some marble Raymond mill appeared some faults in the users, is in the marble Raymond mill work can not meet the requirement of powder particle size, I don't know what causes the coarse powder size, but the professional marble Raymond mill manufacturer will explain how to solve the problem of the rough powder size in the work of this equipment.
    First of all, the reason that marble Raymond mill has coarse grinding particle size is that the grinding machine is installed improperly during the installation process, which will cause the blade to wear, thus making the particle size coarse. Secondly, the analysis machine has a fault. We all know that the analysis machine is used to grade materials. If the analysis machine has severe wear on its blades, the analysis machine will not perform the function of classification, and then the powder particle size will be coarse or too fine. Another reason is that the air volume of the fan is not adjusted well. If the air volume is too large, the particle size of the powder will become coarse; otherwise, if the air volume is too small, the particle size of the powder will be finer.


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