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    Raymond mill is welcome to say those things that have to be said

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2018-11-02 10:37

    Today, Daguang Machinery is the root cause of such a warm welcome to the naked Eighty-eight Raymond mill. This has a lot to do with its own system configuration. It combines too many advantages to cater to the direction of the market and reflects the fittest. The natural law of survival.
    The first is reflected in the low operating cost of the equipment. It can be seen from two aspects: 1. High efficiency, the grinding roller is directly crushed in the grinding disc, and the energy consumption is low, compared with the ball mill energy saving 35-45%, the output is increased at 30 % or more 2. Loss is low, the grinding roller and the grinding disc are not in direct contact, and these parts of the equipment are made of high-strength materials, can withstand a large number of load shocks, and the service life is greatly extended.
    The second is embodied in the humanized operation, aspect management, the device is equipped with a device to prevent the contact of the grinding roller, greatly reducing the impact, reducing the vibration, and equipped with a remote control automation system
    The third is reflected in the low investment and quick results. The production system includes crushing, drying, drying, milling, conveying and other processes, compact structure, reasonable design, scientific layout, small footprint, suitable for use in open space, etc., which is very obvious.
    The fourth continuous production, the effect is stable. The raw material has a short residence time in the Raymond mill, less repetitive grinding, easy to detect and control the fineness, and guarantee the quality.
    The fifth is reflected in environmental protection, no noise, small vibration amplitude, excellent sealing performance, equipped with dust removal system, less dust during production, and meets environmental protection requirements.
    The sixth embodiment is convenient in maintenance, assembly, plum blossom frame, grinding roller, grinding ring, blade, etc., which can be replaced by themselves, saving time and effort, and can resume production in the shortest time.
    Daguang Machinery welcomes users to consult about Raymond mill. We are dedicated to providing users with quality products, perfect service, choose Daguang Machinery, trust us, and we are satisfied with you.


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