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    Raymond mill slag production dust solution

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2018-11-20 16:07

    The raymond mill will generate dust leakage during the debugging process.

    This is due to the problem of the raymond mill wind selection system. Under normal circumstances, the raymond mill grinding system is operated at the same time of positive and negative pressure. In the case of negative pressure, if the slag discharge of the raymond mill is not well adjusted, aluminum slag, copper slag, zinc slag and dust will be leaked at the same time.
    Then the main method to solve this problem is to ensure that the entire pipeline system can not leak, especially the discharge port of the raymond mill cyclone, must be tightly sealed, not allowed to leak, otherwise it will affect the entire wind operation. The principle, in addition to try to open the small damper of the large dust collector, off the small damper, the two complement each other. In addition, you can use the raymond mill's fan to take the short-circuit duct to the slag drain of the raymond mill, or set up a small induced draft fan to discharge the dust to the raymond mill's dust collector.

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