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    In what aspects does the blade quality of double shaft shredder reflect?

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    What is the quality of the blade of double-axis shredder? It is a question that many friends are concerned about.
    1. See if the shredder blade can achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. Customers often use this blade for production needs, so measuring the quality of this blade needs to be able to see whether the blade can bring energy-saving and consumption-reducing purposes to the actual use.
    2. It is necessary to see whether the hair germ of the blade of the double-axle shredder has been forged. In many cases, the good use of the blade depends on the initial construction. If the blade's hair germ can be forged, it can achieve a more precise combination of steel atoms to increase wear resistance.
    3. Need to see whether the blade of the double-axis shredder has been finished. If the product is of good quality, the accuracy and parallelism of the processing equipment are usually within the tolerance range of the blade.
    4. We need to look at the WEDM process. In many cases, good quality shredder blades have to be processed by wire cutting, in order to ensure that the plane and the edge of the cutter and the hole of the relevant perpendicularity.
    5. It is necessary to look at the heat treatment process related to the shredder blade. This kind of blade with good quality is often tempered, so that it can achieve the relevant heat preservation time of steel, and the hardness will be more uniform.
    6. It is necessary to see the accuracy of the relevant grinding equipment. As long as the quality of the shredder blade is good, the precision of its grinding equipment is very high, in order to achieve the purpose of good use in use, if the accuracy is not high, there will be errors, when the error is large, it will inevitably affect the normal use.

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